About Us

In 1956, Our Father Mr.Jesingbhai, had started a job in a jewellery shop. After a 15-years of experience, he found jewellery business very favourable and he started the partnership firm with the name of J. G. & Company in 1971, in a small form in the Nanavati Bazar.


We got autonomy from the partnership firm in 2000, and the responsibility of running this business came on me and my younger brother Jitendra. We started our family firm in Nanavati Bajar in the name of Jasingbhai Jewellers, in which we got enough support from our customers. With the changing times, along with difficulties, we enhance the area of ​​this business with changing the traditional system of this business with accepting new technologies. With the noble aim of HIGH QUALITY, PRACTICAL TRANSPARENCY and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, these 3 principles given by our father to reach this destination.


Years to pass, large corporate showrooms opened in the city of Bhavnagar, which made it difficult for small jewellers to stand against them. Corporate showrooms had begun to attract the customers with a bigger space, better facilities, good stock and attractive monthly schemes. We had shown that courage to face this corporate competition by taking into account such incidents and in the year 2014, and opened a Saurashtra’s most growing Jewellery Showroom at the heart of city Wagahawadi Road, Bhavnagar with the new name “Shubhlaxmi Jewellers”. It is an equivalent to the metro city's ultra-modern showroom.


And now a days, we proud and happy to tell you all that we had converted our partnership firm in to public limited company and today we are giving you all a golden chance to become the co-owner of Gujarat's fastest growing jewellery company.


On 04-12-2018, we have been listed on NSE EMERGE Board with your warm co-operation and blessings.


Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Limited registered with NSE EMERGE Board. A share price of the issue is Rs. 26 / -per share. The lot size of the stock is 4000 share and the amount per application is Rs.1,04,000 / -.


Shubhlaxmi Jewel Art Ltd is involved in business of Manufacture, Whole Sale and Retail trade of gold, gold ornaments, precious stones and diamonds studded jewellery. The company's products are available in different prices for customers of the High-And Mid-Market and Value Market Segments. The jewellery is made according to the needs of the customer and on the third-party manufacturing and job work basis. We buy readymade jewellery from independent jewellers. In Wholesale operations, we sell our jewellery to many jewellery retailers of Gujarat, and we will go ahead in manufacturing and export business as well. We are going to open our own branches in different cities of Gujarat in near future.